Sarah Circle is a group of caring Presbyterian ladies who take turns meeting in each other’s home the second Tuesday of every month.  Guided by God and a Horizon’s Bible Study, we have discussions and share insights.  We not only learn about the teachings of the Bible but also learn about ourselves.  It is not too late to join this group of women for the 2018–19 year!  Please call Carol Ferguson, Circle leader, 440-543-8377 for more information.


Sarah Circle will meet on Tuesday, May 14th at noon in the home of Christie Frenchie.  We will be studying Lesson 9, in “God’s Promises:  I Am With You”, and Judy Vernon will lead the study.  We will conclude the year with a salad luncheon, and each member is asked to bring one or two ingredients to add to the salad.  All Valley women are welcome to join us for fellowship and discussion.