Sunday School Classes

Sunday School classes are held for children ages pre-K through 6th grade during the 10:30 worship hour during the school year (September – May) in the back barn building.  They are grouped to provide age-appropriate lessons. On the first Sunday of each month, children begin Sunday School at 10:30 and rejoin their families for communion toward the end of the service.  All other Sundays, children are invited to be in church with their families until the “Time with Children,” when they will meet their Sunday School teachers and proceed to class.

In the summer, children are invited to gather during worship for “Enrichment”, a blend of Christian learning and play.  Each summer, Valley hosts a week of Vacation Bible School for children age 3 – 6th grade.


Adult Christian Education

Adult Christian Education meets during the school year (September – May) in the library in the main church building.  This class meets from 9:15 – 10:15 and studies a variety of biblical and spiritual topics.