Supporting Chagrin Falls Park and FDR Academy

We have collected many of the supplies needed for Chagrin Falls Park, but if you are able to especially donate backpacks, please bring them in by August 12.

The Mission Commission and Pass~It~On will, also, continue to support FDR Academy this school year (you may recall that Ted and Jewel’s daughter Robbi works there).  If you would like to support the teachers of FDR Academy, we will be taking supplies there the week of 8/13. Pastor John is looking for a few volunteers to assist in taking the donations.  You can donate in two ways:

1. You can go to and use this link to order items from their wish list.  They will be delivered to the Wahl’s and taken to FDR the week of 8/13.
2. You may choose from Robbi’s list below, and bring the items in by 8/12 (they do not expect all of these items, just what we are able to donate):

 Kleenex
 Wet wipes
 Sandwich ziplock bags and snack ziplock bags (need ziplocks with the slider due to lack of dexterity with their fingers/hands)
 Pencils (lots of them)
 Red pens
 Fat permanent markers, any colors
 Highlighters (lots of them)
 Large – lined paper (they cannot write on the thinner lines)
 50 – Rectangular baskets in all colors from the dollar store for centers
 2 – 8 x 10 reading rugs

Here is part of Robbi’s thank you from the delivery of the Summer Kid Sacks in May:

Dear Brenda,
I’d like to thank the Valley congregation so much. Teachers and students were surprised and pleased with your generosity. It was particularly touching that your daughter and husband came to the school. It meant a lot to me. They could witness what I have to put up with daily and why it is so important to not give up on these children. Again, I thank you.

Robbi Paynther
Educator, 5th Grade
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Cleveland Metropolitan School District